Aitor Biain Bidarte

Aitor began his studies in the Music School of Oñati, mastering the clarinet, saxophone and singing and later continued studying at the Choir Federation of the Basque Country under the tutelage of well-known professors (Werner Pfaff, Tamara Brooks, Carlo Pavese, Roland Berger, Johan Duijck, Laszlo Heltay, Juan Luis Martínez, Vasco Negreiros, y Basilio Astulez...). He has also attended various seminars offered by other famous conductors such as Jordi Casas, V.Miskinis, M.Guinand, N.Faran, J.Busto…

He is the conductor of several choirs: UPV-EHU Abesbatza, Bergarako Orfeoia, Oñatiko Ganbara Abesbatza and Ganbara Gazte-Txiki, which have recently been awarded several prizes in different competitions. He is assistant director of the choir of the Cathedral of Gasteiz, directed by Carlos Mena. In addition, he sings in KUP, under the direction of Gabriel Baltes and he is a member of the Brass Band of Oñati. He graduated from the University of Mondragón with a degree in Computer Engineering and Pedagogy at the Private Foundation for the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country- Musikene and completed Singing studies at the Jesús Guridi Music Conservatory of Vitoria-Gasteiz. He is also a teacher in the Music School of Lazkao and is currently studying Conducting with Gabriel Baltés (choir conducting) and Arturo Tamayo (orchestra conducting) at Musikene.

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